what should i expect at the studio?

You will be pampered with hair and makeup. And will feel like a super model for the day. Refreshments and optional liquid courage.

You can bring up to 8 outfits. What look you want? Sexy, powerful, romantic, playful , artsy...we can get any combination you want.

You don't have to have modeling skills. I will guide you through poses and facial expressions as well as candid moments. Don't worry I make it fun.

A few days after the photo session you come back to see all your pictures, make your selections and purchase what you love.

How much?

Session fee is $350 and packages start at $1400.

Each client has different needs from folio boxes, storybooks and wall art.

We will discuss how your want your pictures display at your consultation.

You don't have to make a final decision until your photo reveal.

What if i want an outdoor session?

I love the outdoors. We can discuss location and travel fees on your consultation.

Hair and Makeup might no be available depending on location.

Don't worry we will talk all those details. And I'll make sure everything runs smooth.